Pyramid Science Foundation

The Pyramid Science Foundation was founded by a group of individuals dedicated to the scientific study of pyramids and their benefits to humanity and the planet.
The Foundation was incorporated in 2019 as a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation and is designated a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service.
The purpose of the Foundation is to conduct and disseminate scientific research demonstrating the value of pyramids in the areas of physical and behavioral health, environmental remediation, agriculture production, materials science and affiliated areas of research.  As part of our research, we will also examine the numerous factors affecting pyramid energy and performance, including geometry, size, building materials, energy enhancements, location, color and other factors.


We are currently seeking qualified professionals from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to assist with furthering the mission of the Foundation.
Healthcare Professionals:
One of our first goals will be to begin research in the areas of human physical and emotional health. We are particularly interested in finding doctors and other licensed healthcare professionals with expertise in clinical trials, research protocols, etc. to plan, prioritize and implement medical research projects.
Agricultural, Materials Science and Environmental Professionals:
We are also seeking individuals with experience in agricultural, materials science and environmental research to join us in developing, prioritizing  and implementing pyramid research in these disciplines.
Board and Committee Members:
Individuals interested in serving on our Board of Directors or on our various committees are also urged to contact us.
Social Media:
We are also seeking individuals and volunteers with experience in public relations, social media and other related areas of expertise to assist us in the furthering of our mission.


If you are interested in assisting the Pyramid Science Foundation, contact us at:


Help us expand our research activities through your tax-deductible contribution: