The Pyramid Science Foundation has undertaken a number of tests demonstrating the effects of Russian Pyramid energy fields. Many of these experiments were demonstrated in the over 250 videos we have produced on Russian Pyramids and their benefits. This chapter will provide you with information on some of these experiments as well as links to the appropriate research YouTube video.

Health - Related Research

The Pyramid Science Foundation research results are just as dramatic as the experimental results from Russia. The first research result is particularly timely as this book goes to press, and demonstrates how the human immune system, when provided with an appropriate energy environment, does an amazing job of healing the human body.

Impact of Pyramid Energy Fields on Suspected COVID-19 Patients

Goal: Determine the impact of Russian Pyramid energy fields on those presenting with COVID-19/flu symptoms.

Methodology: Over a three-week period in March 2020, a total of 50 individuals presenting with various COVID-19/flu-like symptoms ( muscle aches and pains, fever, congestion, runny nose, etc.) were given a 30-minute sound healing session inside a Russian pyramid. This healing session included the use of a specific set of nine Solfeggio frequencies. In some cases, Solfeggio Frequencies were
played directly through a cell phone, while in other cases the Solfeggio Frequencies were played through a Caduceus Coil. (See photo below).

Results: In every case, symptoms had disappeared by the end of the session, in some cases in as little as 5-10 minutes. In the vast majority of cases, no follow-up sessions were required.

EMF Research

Russian Pyramid Protects Against EMF Radiation

Our research has demonstrated that harmful EMF frequencies can be remediated/harmonized through exposure to Russian Pyramids. Using the Lecher Antenna (a scientific instrument used for the qualitative detection of energy fields), we demonstrate that electromagnetic pollution was not detected within the pyramid and an area outside the pyramid. The volume of area benefiting from  such remediation was found to be a function both of the size of the Russian pyramid used as well as the amount and type of energy enhancements used (e.g., crystals, capstones, quartz sand, caduceus coils, Solfeggio frequencies, etc.).

Boosting Life Force Energy in the Presence of EMFs with Russian Pyramids and Caduceus Coils

One of the ways that EMF exposure affects biological life is via a reduction in Life Force Energy. This experiment demonstrates that even in the presence of EMF radiation, Russian Pyramid energy greatly enhances Life Force Energy.

Goal: To determine the impact of a Russian Pyramid in maintaining or improving life force energy in the presence of EMFs.

Methodology: Using the Bovis Life Force Energy Scale, we dowsed for Life Force Energy ("LFE") both with and without the presence of EMF radiation in a variety of differing scenarios using the Pyramid,caduceus coil and sound healing. A cell phone playing a YouTube video was used as the source of EMF radiation. A "base case" LFE was established with no pyramid energy field or EMF radiation to
establish a basis of comparison.

Results: In all cases, LFE measured in the presence of EMF radiation, was significantly higher inside the pyramid.

Russian Pyramids and Enhanced COVID-19 Immunity

This video discusses the importance of T-Cells in immune function, and goes over the Russian Pyramid research demonstrating increased T-cell proliferation and longevity resulting from exposure to Russian Pyramid energy fields:

Personal Health Improvements

Charlie Ziese produced some rather amazing results after he began to make and use Russian Pyramids.  He was able to lower my weight by almost 100 pounds, blood pressure by 20 points diastolic and systolic, pulse rate by over 20 bpm (resting pulse is now in the low 60s bpm), and all major blood work readings are within normal ranges. He was much more peaceful and much less prone to anger, and do not take a single prescription medicine.

All his prior aches and pains have disappeared, including pain in his left ankle and right knee which resulted from a prior broken left ankle. People continue to comment that I actually look younger todayt han I did when I began building the pyramids.

Human Biofield Aura Research

Goal: To replicate the results of human biofield testing done in Russia by the MAAT Foundation.

Methodology: I conducted similar research using the Win Aura system of aura photography. Unlike the Russian research, I was exposed to the energy field of the pyramid for only 30 minutes rather than 1 hour yet achieved profound changes in the aura field and the chakra energetic fields. My aura changed dramatically after a 30-minute session in the pyramid. The energy levels of each of
his chakras increased, and the color of the corresponding energy field of each chakra more closely matched the color associated with that chakra.

Note that both heart and third eye chakras were functioning at 100% after exposure to the pyramid.
Watch the video link below for more information:

Pyramid Energy Fields

Measuring The Area of Influence of a Russian Pyramid
(This information was brought to the Pyramid Science Foundation by John Dunne, a Canadian researcher)

Goal: To see how far the energy field of a Russian Pyramid could be detected. John Dunne, who lives in a cold area of Northern Canada, decided to test the energy field of his 8’ pyramid by placing Pyrex bowls filled with dye-infused water at locations of various  distances from his home. He found that the 8’ tall pyramid was able to keep the water from freezing, verifying the same experiment of Dr. Golod in Russia. In addition, the thoroughly mixed dye concentrated in the form of a spiraling vortex in the center of the bowl. These effects were found to exist out to a range of 11 miles from the pyramid while temperatures were never higher than -15o F.

Demonstrating the Energy Field of the 76.345 Russian PVC Pyramid

This video demonstrates that pyramid energy really is all about geometry. After we determined the proper geometry of the Russian Pyramids, we produced the following video. Even though the angle difference was only .245 degrees (76.345 vs. the original estimate of 76.1), the measured energy difference was enormous!

Measuring the Energy Field Difference Between a PVC and Copper Pyramid

This video is our most popular. Many viewers ask why we don't build our pyramids with copper. This video demonstrates why.
Goal: To validate the Russian Pyramid Research and the research of Nikolai Kozyrev that base metals impair pyramid function.

Methodology: Two identically sized Russian pyramids were constructed - one made with PVC and the other made with copper. The energy fields of both pyramids were measured using the Lecher Antenna.

Results: The energy field of the PVC pyramid was significantly stronger than that of the copper pyramid.

Seeing The Energy Field of a Russian PVC Pyramid

This short video allows you to actually see the energy field of a Russian Pyramid:

Intermittent Stream Flows Continuously After Installing Russian PVC Pyramids

This experiment was designed to replicate the Russian research in Ukraine that resulted in new streams appearing after installation of a Russian Pyramid.

Goal: To see if placing Russian Pyramids near an intermittent streambed would affect the flow of water.

Methodology: One 10’ and one 15’ tall pyramids were erected near a stream bed that flowed only after rainfalls. This stream is designated a “seasonal stream” in the topological map of the area published by the United States Geological Survey.

Results: Within approximately 30 days of erecting the pyramids, the stream continued to flow non-stop and did not stop until removal of the pyramids several years later.

Plant Videos

Plant Growth Supercharged by Russian PVC Pyramid

This video was inspired by the Russian Pyramid Agricultural research and verified the results they obtained.

Goal: To replicate the Russian Pyramid research experiments on plant growth.

Methodology: A variety of different greens were planted in identical raised planters with identical soil
and sunlight. In one of the planters, we installed a 10’ high Russian Geometry Pyramid inside one and
used the other planter as a control.

Results: Results were consistent with Russian results, with the pyramid plants growing 200-400%
larger than the control.

Prolong the Shelf Life of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with a Russian PVC Pyramid

This video demonstrates that the pyramid does indeed have the ability to prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables: