These are our upcoming or ongoing research projects.  As funds become available, each project will be updated and more will be added.

Lisa Richards, Vice Chairman of the Pyramid Science Foundation and Head of Research, fell upon research from 1977 from a Texas homesteader and experimenter. Using the Giza pyramid geometry, he discovered that his rabbits grew over 40% larger when housed in a Giza pyramid. What an amazing discovery! She already raises rabbits and plans to recreate this experiment with not only the Giza geometry, but the 76.345 geometry as well.  Her rabbits live in colonies and have ample room to roam but funds are needed to embellish the pens with pyramids.  

Here's the LINK to the original article from 1977.

Research has shown that plants benefit greatly from the effects of Pyramid Power!  Germination is faster!  Fertility increases!  Yields are higher!  Plants are stronger and more resilient to weather fluctuations!  Produce is more nutritious!  Less water is required when plants are watered with pyramid charged water!  It was even discovered that plants which went extinct over 10,000 years ago, started to grow around the base of a large pyramid! 

Lisa Richards, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Pyramid Science Foundation and Head Researcher plans to implement several tests this growing season.  Materials are needed to build several 6 foot wooden pyramids.  One will be placed over a rain barrel and used to charge water.  The others will be used for different plant experiments.