Meet the Board of the Pyramid Science Foundation. 

From Investment Banker to Pyramid Maker.  Several years ago, Charlie Ziese fell upon the work of Dr. Alexander Golod, a Russian scientist building and testing pyramids for the Russian Government.  Unlike the pyramids of Giza, these pyramids had a tall, slender design and the research was intriguing to say the least.  Although some research had been shared with the world, much remained a secret including the precise geometry of the pyramid.  Upon further investigation, Charlie uncovered the secret geometry that powers the Russian pyramids.  Universal Phi Scaling is the key and this key unlocks a specific geometric angle of 76.345 degrees. This unique geometric angle, fundamental to all physical reality, has been 'hiding in plain sight' in Nature and architecture throughout the world.

Charlie Ziese is the owner and creator of Stargate Pyramids, Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Pyramid Science Foundation, Author of "76.345 - Exploring the Hidden Secrets of the Golden Ratio" and Producer of a NEW 5 1/2 hour documentary called "The Golden Ratio and the Organizing Principles of the Universe." 

Lisa Richards is a Frequency Influencer, Pyramid Energy Ace, Intuitive Architect, Spirit Communicator, Mediation Master, & Dowser.  Lisa is the owner of Pyramid Surge where she intuitively designs products to enhance and transform energies.  She met Charlie Ziese at the Global Pyramid Conference in 2018 and partnered with Stargate Pyramids shortly after creating custom capstones and accessories. Lisa currently heads research for the Pyramid Science Foundation and is Vice Chairman of the Board.