The Pyramid Science Foundation was incorporated in 2019 as a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, and was designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) organization in early 2020.  Our mission is to conduct scientific research on pyramids of all geometries.  Some of the areas we plan to delve into ask the important questions...

How does pyramid energy affect humans?
How does it affect animals?
Do pyramids help with physical health?
Do pyramids alter consciousness?
How do plants and animals respond to pyramids?
Can the weather be modified with pyramids?
How does water react to pyramid energy?

and the BIG questions...
How can we harness pyramid energy to produce free energy, health and longevity?

How can we use these Sacred Geometric principles to enhance the power of consciousness?

As part of our research, we will examine the numerous factors affecting pyramid energy and performance, including geometry, building materials, energy enhancements, size and location.

The New Earth awaits us all!
We believe Pyramid Power plays an important role in this evolution.
Your support is key and there are many ways to do so.


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Lastly, CALLING ALL RESEARCHERS! Whether you consider yourself a researcher or not, if you're playing with pyramid power, WE WANT YOU! Share your experiments! Big or small, they ALL matter! Do you have your hands in any of the following areas...


If your answer is YES, then here's your invitation to help heal the world!

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